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Leadership and Transformation

RoAnn DestitoOn June 20th, The NYS Forum IT Corporate Roundtable was honored to have Commissioner RoAnn M. Destito address its members with a general overview of the transformation changes currently underway. Commissioner Destito is leading transformational changes at the Office of General Services (OGS) as it implements programs in support of Governor Cuomo's vision to change the way government does business and make it more effective, efficient, and responsive to the needs of citizens.  Destito is intensifying OGS' focus on procuring services and commodities at best value and maximizing the use of state-owned and leased office space.  Destito is the first woman to be confirmed as OGS Commissioner.

In May 2011, the New York State Senate unanimously confirmed Governor Cuomo's nomination of RoAnn M. Destito as Commissioner of the Office of General Services.  Citing her experience as a 19-year member of the New York State Assembly, Cuomo stated, "Commissioner Destito will play a crucial role in modernizing our state operations and helping to restore performance to state government.  She will use her wealth of experience, business acumen, and good judgment to cut costs throughout government and deliver more for the people of New York."

As a longstanding public servant, Destito is committed to Governor Cuomo's call to restore public trust and create a government that New York can be proud of.