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Business Process Redesign & Lean Management

Carol SamolNYS is undergoing a significant transformation on many levels. Just over one year ago, Governor Cuomo established the NYS SAGE Commission to improve the efficiency and quality of government services. Three objectives are identified in the SAGE Report: Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Accountability. Business Process Redesign and Lean Management practices are referenced as strategies/practices to achieve these objectives.

On June 27th, The NYS Executive Forum provided our government and corporate attendees with the opportunity to learn about Business Process Redesign and Lean Management.  Our speakers geared their presentations toward providing a foundation and understanding of business process redesign and the application of lean management across business operations and the potential impact/benefit of application in the public sector environment.

Carol Samol, Walter Mores, and Steve BurdenAccenture Strategy Director, Steve Burden and Director of Lean Operations, Walter Mores addressed lean management and how it can be applied to business process and IT. Carol Samol, Director of Business Process Re-engineering, NYC Department of City Planning, addressed implementing lean management principles as they were applied to the NYC Planning Business Process Reform.

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