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IT & Data Governance: Process and Implementation Strategies for Success

The New York State Forum Emerging Technologies work group hosted The NYS Executive Forum on July 12 which focused on IT and data governance and the strategies for a successful process and implementation.

Rae BascueRae Bascue, Manager, NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) provided an overview of data governance and implementation strategies from a state-wide and DOT perspective.  Data governance means:  developing a process for managing the data based on decision rights and owners; collaboration between stakeholders across the organization and data professionals; and the formal orchestration of people, processes and technology to enable an organization to leverage data as an enterprise asset.  Data governance is not:  change management; data cleansing or extract, transform and load data (ETL); Master Data Management (MDM); data warehousing; database design; or database management and administration.  The rationale and benefits of data governance were also addressed.


Mahesh NattanmaiMahesh Nattanmai, Program Manager, NYS Division of the Budget (DOB), focused on governance of the policy and process for enterprise portfolio management.  Mahesh addressed the fact that governance is not to be viewed as a control mechanism, but should drive innovation.  Governance is also not the process of pushing paper or holding board meetings, rather a process that allows for the exchange of creative ideas and business optimization opportunities.  Strategic planning, technology, data and security must all be considered when planning IT governance.

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