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Annual Planning Session

Mahesh Nattanmai & AttendeesThe new Forum Executive Director, Joan Sullivan, welcomed over 100 government and corporate partners to The NYS Forum 2012 Annual Planning Session.  New York State is currently going through an IT transformation, the details of which are of great interest to all of our attendees.  We'd like to extend a special "thank you" to Mahesh Nattanmai, Unit Chief of the IT Budgeting and Strategy Unit of the NYS Division of the Budget, who provided a presentation addressing the status of the various IT enterprise projects currently underway and the challenges that lie ahead.

Work group co-chairs provided a report out of their past year accomplishments and what they are currently planning.  Surveys were distributed to allow the attendees the opportunity to assess the value of our current work groups and make suggestions for new work groups and other areas that the Forum should focus on.

We'd like to thank all of our attendees for taking the time to attend our Annual Planning Session and for providing input.  The success of The NYS Forum is only as good as the services we provide.  As a member organization you have an opportunity to shape the agenda!

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