Sponsorship Opportunities

The NYS Forum's has programs that afford avenues for sponsorship. Key among those are:

  • The IT Corporate Roundtable

    The IT Corporate Roundtable was created in 2001 to create a neutral and dynamic context for government/corporate knowledge transfer. Since that time it has grown to over sixty members. Through that collective membership and the vital role it plays in the NYS Forum there are numerous opportunities for sponsorship of education and training events, state of the art presentations or surveys of best practices. For information concerning the IT Corporate Roundtable and associated sponsorship programs, contact Joan Sullivan, Executive Director of the NYS Forum or the one of the Corporate Roundtable leaders directly (see http://www.nysforum.org/committees/itcorporateroundtable/ for contact information).

  • Special Events

    On occasion The NYS Forum hosts special events related to a specific organizational or state government purposes. These events are usually planned four to six months in advance and afford opportunities for providing sponsorship and/or in-kind support aligned with achieving the objectives of the event. For information on whether there are such opportunities available at the present time please contact Rebecca Buchner at 518/438-7414.